Directions to Camp

Camp Address

Camp is located at 29646 Agoura Rd, CA 91301. We have two separate entrances for different times of the year. Please look for signs when you arrive!

Scroll down for specific information about visiting in the off-season or visiting during summer.


If You Are Stopping by During the Summer

For visits during the camp season, you will want to use our main camp driveway, marked with Camp Kinneret signs.

Please note that the camp driveway will be closed between 9:00 – 9:30 AM and 3:00 – 3:50 PM for bus arrival and dismissal; during these hours all visitors must park in our adjacent parking lot and walk up to the camp entrance.

Directions to our summer driveway
  • Exit the 101 freeway at Kanan Rd. and head south (towards the beach)
  • Turn right on Agoura Rd. (just past Jack-in-the-Box)
  • Camp will be around the bend on your left-hand side on the Gateway Church property.

If You Are Stopping by in the Off-Season

During the off-season we are typically operating out of our winter office building, which is on the same site but uses a different driveway and parking lot.

Please note that for certain large-scale spring events such as pre-camp tours, Open Houses, group interviews, CILT and staff orientations, etc. we will be using our summer driveway. If you are attending a specific event, please be sure to check the event information for instructions.

  • Exit the 101 freeway at Reyes Adobe Rd. and head south (towards the beach)
  • Turn left on Agoura Rd.
  • Camp will be on your right-hand side just after Ladyface Ct – look for a sign marked “Camp Kinneret Winter Office”