Arts & Nature

Campers watering plants
Tie dye shirts drying
The Garden

Arts & Crafts

Classic camp crafts like lanyards, tie-dye, wood crafts, tile mosaics, sand art and so much more! We incorporate both individual and collaborative projects throughout the summer to build different creativity muscles.

Performing Arts

Singing, dancing, acting, improv, movement, and instruments… how can you go wrong?!

Nature & Ecology*

Hands-on learning projects that teach about nature and the world around us. Topics vary from week to week and learning takes many forms, from crafts to hikes to scavenger hunts!


In our camp garden we learn about the basics of organic gardening, water conservation, where our food comes from, and how to handle basic gardening tools.


A once-a-week program for 6th and 7th graders to learn woodworking skills using various hand-tools to create useful projects!


* Only certain age groups participate in this activity. Please call for the exact activities your child would participate in.