“Seeing the faces campers make when they’ve overcome something, or they’ve tried something new, and they’ve just had an absolute blast and now this is all they want to talk about all the time.”


Camp staff member – 2 summers

“I had one camper specifically, who was super afraid of heights, wouldn’t even look at the rock wall or the high ropes course. And by the end of the summer, she was harnessed up, touching the ladder of one of the ropes courses, and that was a huge accomplishment for her. Not only was that a growth experience for her, but it was a growth experience for everyone in our group, and me as well”


Camp staff member – 7 summers


“The leadership team at camp is a group of superheroes, who come and rescue you right in the nick of time when you need it.”

Camp staff member – 3 summers

“I really, strongly believe that children will be changing the world, and so I think that being able to be a part of that and helping shape where they are going is really why I work with kids and why I am continuingly coming back to camp.”


Camp staff member – 4 summers