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“Working at camp taught me to be flexible. In a world where technology can be overwhelming, camp made relationship building, teamwork, and problem solving the focus. There was never a challenge too big for a camper or counselor because there was always support right around the corner.”


Camp staff member – 6 summers

“Working on has staff has without a doubt made my summers memorable. I’ve made some of my best friends working here, and learned so much. Working here was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”


Camp staff member – 4 summers

“When that first day of camp comes we are a united staff who are well prepared to take care of and mentor our campers. There is nothing better than helping a camper accomplish something challenging, and you never forget that moment or the look on that camper’s face.”


Camp staff member – 8 summers

“I absolutely love being on staff at Camp Kinneret. Working here allows you to grow individually, make new friends among staff and most importantly positively impact the kids that come to camp. You have an opportunity to be a great role model and help kids grow all while playing and having a blast!”

Camp staff member – 4 summers

“Working at Camp Kinneret has taught me an incredible amount of responsibility and patience, as well as how to be a great communicator. Working with such a devoted, friendly, and outgoing staff to make hundreds of cheerful campers happy is so rewarding. Watching campers grow as human beings and discover new talents and passions is amazing and I wouldn’t exchange that feeling for anything in the world.”


Camp staff member – 4 summers