Who We Are

Dear Parent,

We welcome your family to join our Camp Kinneret family this summer, to provide your children with an opportunity to rebuild their social-emotional learning skills. To rebuild their friend-making skills. To be outdoors and play while making friends. All with caring college-aged adults, eager to help them take on these new challenges.

Since the pandemic began, we have been working closely with the State of California, LA County Department of Public Health, and the American Camp Association to develop a safe operating plan grounded in health guidelines for Day Camps and informed by best practices from local pediatricians. We can and will continue to operate as safely as possible given the conditions that are ever-changing.

Choosing Camp Kinneret means that, as a parent, you know that for four or five weeks of the summer a caring team of child-development professionals will be investing in your child. We’ll be taking the time to know them, welcoming your camper by name, and ensuring that they are connecting with the other campers and the staff. All without the distractions of modern technology. No cell phones. No tablets. Unplugged. Old-fashioned fun where children develop social skills, practice critical thinking, share a community mindset, and learn to persevere when things get hard.

The things we do at Camp Kinneret aren’t new (we’ve been doing them since 1954!), but they have new meanings in today’s technological world. We believe that children need more time to develop the social and emotional skills that form the core of every happy, healthy adult. That’s why we spend so much time and energy finding, interviewing, training, and supporting our staff members each summer. We know the value of a dedicated staff who will invest in your child’s growth and well-being. We also select an experienced leadership team to partner with parents and ensure that we are actively working with each and every child to help them to grow into the best version of themselves. We are parental in our approach – looking for untied shoes, prioritizing sunscreen and water, and watching for small cues that may indicate that some extra attention would help.

Parents are trying to make up for missed opportunities due to the pandemic, filling their schedules with as many opportunities as possible. Yet we’ve learned over that children thrive when they are surrounded by caring people and when they have the opportunity to build relationships, they feel safer and are willing to challenge themselves. Time is such a precious commodity for today’s parents, trying to “fit everything in” and to make up for lost time. A summer at Camp Kinneret is an opportunity for your child to get lots of new experiences, without having to constantly make new friends and adjust to new surroundings.

There are so many options for how you and your child spend the summer. How do you decide which is right? Should you make the decision, or should your child? After all, you want them to enjoy their experience. But what if that experience could be more than just being entertained? What if your child could build self-confidence, learn how to make friends, challenge themselves to overcome their fears, practice resilience, AND have fun?

Our website has lots of videos and information about our program. We offer online registration starting in January, but we work year-round to create this experience for your child. Call us. We are in the office and we love to talk with parents looking for the right summer experience for their child.

We hope that you will consider choosing Camp Kinneret for your child not only for this summer but for many summers to come. And we look forward to welcoming you into our camp family!



Feel free to email or call me. I am always happy to help you find the right camp for your family.