Frequently Asked Questions

What changes will you be making due to COVID-19?

We are working with state and federal authorities, along with the LA County Health Department to determine the best practices to put in place prior to the summer starting. As time passes, we are learning an incredible amount, and we want to be sure that we are doing everything we can to create a safe environment for our campers and staff by following all protocols determined by the CDC, American Camp Association, and local officials. As Summer 2023 gets closer, we will have a better idea of specific changes we will be making. You can find more information about changes due to Covid-19 here.

Do you have any religious affiliation?

Camp Kinneret is not affiliated with any religious or cultural organization

How often is sunscreen applied?

We require counselors to help campers apply sunscreen before swim, after swim, before hikes, and after hikes. We also have “sunscreen stations” throughout camp so that counselors can help campers re-apply sunscreen whenever needed.

What if my child won’t know anyone at camp?

We think camp is perfect for meeting new people and making new friends! Your camper’s group counselor will take time on the first few days to help everyone get to know each other. By the end of their summer with us, your child will have gained more confidence to meet new people in other parts of their lives.

What if my child doesn’t want to do an activity?

Campers will remain with their groups at all times at all activity areas, but your camper will never be forced to participate in an activity that makes him/her uncomfortable. Of course, your child will be encouraged to try new things and face new challenges with the support of friends and a caring counselor.

What do you do on very hot days?

We train our staff to modify activities as needed, and all staff are trained in heat illness prevention and recognition. Hikes will be cancelled if the Leadership Team thinks it’s necessary. All of our other outdoor activities take place in or near shaded areas, which helps when campers need to cool off. On exceptionally hot days, we may add water play to outdoor activities as well! Additionally, camp groups are encouraged to slow down and drink more water.

What do I need to send to camp each day? What should campers wear to camp?

Every day, your camper should bring a lunch and a backpack or bag that contains a bathing suit and towel (some campers like to swim with goggles as well!). Younger children are encouraged to carry an extra set of clothing and underwear in their bag each day. Please do not pack any electronics, music players, or cell phones as campers will not be permitted to use them during the camp day or on the bus. Your camper will be too busy with camp activities anyway!

Campers should wear clothes designed for active play. Campers should also wear clothes that they don’t mind getting dirty! Campers must wear close-toed shoes for safety reasons.

Will my camper need to bring a lunch?

Yes. We do not provide a lunch program. All campers and staff bring their lunch with them to camp each day. Lunches are refrigerated until lunch time.

Can you accommodate campers with special needs?

We welcome any child who can participate safely and successfully in our camp program. Over the years children of many different abilities have attended camp, and we encourage you to contact us so that we can determine whether our program can meet your child’s needs. If you would like your child to attend with a 1:1 aide, we would like you to know ahead of time that we do require 1:1s to meet certain requirements, pass a background check, and adhere to our camp personnel policies.

Do you have a program for high school students?

Our CILT (Camp Internship for Leadership Training) program is available to high school students who are entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. If your high school aged child is interested in applying for the CILT program this summer:

Click Here For CILT Program Information