Former Camper or CILT

Ready to Grow into a New Role

Welcome back to camp! You’ve spent your summers at Kinneret as a camper and/or a CILT, and now you might feel ready to take the leap and join our staff! During your previous summers at Kinneret, you may have explored how to lead an activity, learned how to take initiative, or practiced how to talk to younger campers. Now as a staff member, you are ready to combine the skills you have already developed with a summer of fast-paced leadership training. We invite you to discover how Kinneret can help you grow as a young leader while making an impact on many campers’ lives. 


Why work at Camp Kinneret?

We’re Committed to Camper Growth (How We Help You Help Campers)        (header 4) 

  • Camp is a valuable opportunity to coach campers on critical life skills. Here at Kinneret, we strive to nurture five themes of life skills through our program: Independence, Teamwork, Creativity, Friendship, and Community. When you work with campers, you will try to maximize opportunities for your kids to practice these five Kinneret Roots.  
  • We keep our camp groups small on purpose. You will have 10 – 15 campers a day, and at least one high schooler in training or a co-counselor with you and your group throughout the summer. Our small group sizes and teams of counselors and high schoolers ensure that each of our staff members finds the moment to connect with their campers on a deeper level. 
  • We want you to spend quality time with your campers. Our 4- and 5- week session structure allows you to get to know campers over an extended, consistent period of time, which gives you more room to facilitate growth within your campers. 

We’re Committed to Staff Development (How We Help You Grow)

  • Staff attend 4 days of orientation, receiving training in: team building, conflict resolution, group management, creative problem-solving, and much more. We believe in active learning, and provide our staff with multiple hands-on opportunities to practice what they learn throughout the orientation program. 
  • Our staff attend weekly meetings to receive on-the-job training and ongoing education. 
  • Staff receive friendly one-on-one support from a Leadership Team member, who’s there to guide you as you set goals, overcome challenges, and develop skills. We emphasize this relationship as a partnership – Leadership Team members are there to help you in any way you need. 

Build a 21st Century Resume by Working at Camp

The Partnership for 21st-Century Learning has identified the 4 skills (or the 4 Cs) that today’s employers believe are most crucial to success in the workforce: Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Collaboration. Camp work requires you to use and hone each of these skills every single day, all while enjoying a job that gets you outside, gets you laughing and playing, and turns you into a role model for children. 

Here is just a sampling of the roles you’ll practice this summer that will help you develop your 4 Cs: 

  • Good communicator – Our staff members interact with people aged 4 – 400, which means that they must learn how to connect with people across all age ranges. 
  • Life-long learner – Our staff members embrace a growth mindset. They know that there’s always room to learn more and improve, and are prepared for any challenges that come their way. 
  • Community player – Sometimes our staff members are bombarded with what feels like a million challenges all at once. Staff and the Leadership Team members work together daily to overcome problems, develop new ideas, and best support our campers. But that’s okay, our staff members use their resources like Leadership Team members and fellow staff members to problem solve together and come out stronger. 
  • Creative thinker – Our staff members love to add twists to old games and activities to make them new, fresh, and engaging. They learn how to think on the fly! 
  • Detail-oriented worker – Our staff members are often in charge of more than one camper at once, so they learn how to always have eyes on everyone. Details are important! 
  • Leader – Our staff members are responsible for little people, which means that they must practice being responsible leaders that their campers can always lean on. 
  • Problem solver – Staff members are always problem solving how to help their campers grow. Everybody wants to go first at archery? Our staff members strategize a fair system of choosing who goes when. A camper struggles with losing honorably? Our staff members invent a game that focuses on good sportsmanship rather than winning. Staff members develop the skills they need to efficiently resolve problems and challenges. And if you are feeling stuck, our Leadership Team members will assist you in finding a solution that fits your goal and approach! 


Kinneret Staff Positions

At Kinneret, we have two broad themes of staff members: group counselors and specialists. Group counselors spend their whole summer with one group of campers, lead the day and facilitate activities for their group, and work with their Leadership Team member to create a memorable summer for their campers. Specialists spend their summer at an activity (like ponies or arts and crafts), get to spend time with multiple different groups every day, and introduce campers to new projects and programs at their activity. You can learn more about Kinneret’s staff positions here! (redirect to staff positions page) 

Tips and Tricks for Submitting a Successful Application

Online application

How do I work on my application?
Start an application by clicking the “Start My Application” button below. Note that you will need your employment history and contact information for three references handy (one personal and two professional).

Who should I include in my references?
We ask for your references so that we can learn more about you from the people around you. You should pick people that you know well, and who have insight into your leadership experiences and work ethic.

What should I include in my leadership experiences?
We want to hear about your past leadership experiences that have helped prepare you to become a camp staff member. If you have previous experience working with children, that’s great! Tell us about what your roles and responsibility were and what working with children was like for you. If you don’t have extensive experience with children, that’s okay too! We are looking for staff members who value having a growth mindset and are willing to make a difference in children’s lives. Tell us about your previous experiences and what you have learned from participating in them.

Group Interview

Will the group interviews be in person or virtual?
This upcoming season, we’re offering virtual and in-person options for the group interview. You may pick whether you want to attend a group interview over Zoom or in-person at camp. Make sure to check whether the date you select has the virtual/in-person format that you want to pick!

What should I expect for my group interview?
The group interview is where you get to meet camp and we get to meet you! You will be in a group interview with 5-10 other prospective staff members, and will participate in discussions about camp and children, work together as a team on a project, and teach something to the interview group that you might teach to children at camp.

What should I teach?
You will have 3-5 minutes to teach something to your group, and you can pick anything you want! Many applicants choose to teach a song, craft, or skill. Please note that if you choose to attend an in-person group interview and will need supplies for your teaching activity, you must remember to bring any materials with you. If you attend a virtual interview and your teaching activity needs supplies, please let us know before your interview so that people have time to gather the necessary supplies (please pick easily accessible items for virtual interviews).

Who will I be teaching?
The other applicants will be your “campers” for this exercise. You will want to treat them as you would a group of campers. You will let the group know the age group this activity is designed for and then you will jump right into teaching! Everyone will get a chance to be the teacher, while the rest of the applicants get a chance to participate as campers!

Individual Interview

Will the individual interview be in person or virtual?
This is up to your personal comfort level and preference! You may choose to have your individual interview over Zoom, or you may come to our winter office for your interview. Please let us know what you would prefer.

What should I expect for my individual interview?
This is the last step in the interview process! During your individual interview, you will meet with the camp director to talk about Kinneret’s philosophy, your goals and expectations, and the potential staff role you’ll be in this summer. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you weren’t able to find answers to prior to the interview.

What happens next?
After you meet with the camp director, we finish up our end of the hiring process. We’ll check your references, see if you’d make a good fit for the summer, and then we’ll notify you soon whether you are hired.

Please note that this may take us a while! Sometimes checking your 3 references takes a couple of weeks (like because of missed phone calls or unavailable mutual times), but the reason that we check references in the first place is because we want to get to know you better. We want to make sure that you, along with the rest of your fellow staff members, are a part of a cohesive, supportive, and collaborative staff community. Hang tight, and we’ll get back to you soon!

Who are we looking for?

What is the time commitment for the summer?
Dates will be added as we get closer to the summer, but the summer starts with a week of orientation, followed by a 5- week session and then a 4- week session.
Camp is a full ten-week commitment. Missing time is difficult to accommodate, and must be approved in advance. Contact us today if you are concerned about potential schedule conflicts.

How long is the typical camp day for staff members?
Daily hours vary depending on position, but most staff work approximately 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday. We also have staff meetings Tuesday evenings and two Friday night Sleepouts.

How much do staff members earn over the summer?
Our staff are really proud of the caring, engaging, and supportive environment they get to work in during the summer! Our staff members are ready to help each other overcome obstacles, hype each other in friendly singing competitions, and create a wholesome experience for their campers as well as each other.

What does Camp Kinneret look like in action?

What’s the staff culture like at Camp Kinneret?
Our staff are really proud of the caring, engaging, and supportive environment they get to work in during the summer! Our staff members are ready to help each other overcome obstacles, hype each other in friendly singing competitions, and create a wholesome experience for their campers as well as each other.

Do I have to drive to Agoura every day?
No! We have a number of buses that pick up in various places along the 101 corridor from Studio City, out to Simi Valley, and Newbury Park. See below for more information.

How does transportation work?
Kinneret’s buses run in Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, West Hills, Calabasas, Agoura, Oak Park, Westlake, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Simi Valley, and Moorpark. If you live within 30 minutes of any of our bus pick-up points, then you are close enough to work with us.
If you join our bus staff team (and most staff members do), then a part of your job would be to ride the bus to and from camp every day, making the bus experience fun and engaging for all. So your camp day will actually start much closer to home and your commute will be part of your work day!

I’m ready to apply! What’s next?

How do I apply?
The 2022 summer staff application will be available in December!
Click “Join Our Staff” at the bottom of the page or click on the “How to Apply” tab for more information.
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