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Sleepout Information

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Who can attend the Sleepout?
Every camper who is enrolled in the session can attend the Great Kinneret Sleepout! Campers of all ages enjoy spending the night under the stars – as long as they (and you!) feel that they are ready for it!

What will my child eat?
A traditional Camp Kinneret dinner of chicken, a vegan option TBD, pasta, salad, corn, carrots, olives, and rolls; a hearty Kinneret breakfast featuring hot scrambled eggs, cereal, bagels, and melon; plus afternoon and evening snacks!

What gear does my child need?
Sleeping Bag, Jacket, Long Pants, Toiletries, Flashlight, A Smile, Extra Towel & Swimsuit (for those campers entering 1st grade and above!)

When should we bring our Sleepout gear?
Please have all of your camper’s Sleepout gear packed and ready for delivery to camp before Sleepout day. Bus Captains will let you know which day the gear should be brought to camp. On some buses we may ask you to send it as early as Tuesday of Sleepout week. If you are bringing your camper on Friday afternoon, please bring the gear at that time. If you don’t hear otherwise, send all of your gear on Friday!

What if my child is not attending the Sleepout but attends camp that Friday?
Children not attending the Sleepout will be returned to their regular afternoon bus stops on the regular afternoon schedule on Sleepout Friday. The Bus Captain and Counselor may not be the usual staff person, so please be sure to bring your ID.

What if my child is not attending camp that day but would like to attend the sleepout?
Children who are not regularly scheduled for camp on Fridays CAN attend the Sleepout! Plan to drive your child to camp Friday afternoon (bring your sleeping bag and other supplies with you) and join us between 3:00 – 4:00. Your child’s counselor and group will be waiting for them at Friendship Hill. Please be prepared to “drop & go” as we need parents to head out quickly to make space for others arriving to drop off their campers.

Will my child's regular camp counselor be there?
YES – we wouldn’t do it any other way! Having our usual staff at the Sleepout is a key part of helping campers feel comfortable enough to enjoy their evening.

Where does everyone sleep?
All of the campers and staff sleep on the field at the top of camp. Campers sleep with their group and their counselors. Members of our Leadership Team are awake all night tucking in campers who wiggle out of their sleeping bags, escorting campers on nighttime bathroom trips, and generally just being there for any camper that may need or want reassurance or help.

Should / can we come visit?
While parents are always welcome to visit Camp Kinneret, we request that you do not visit on Sleepout day or night regardless of whether your child is attending the Sleepout. Seeing family members (of their own or of their friends) can cause campers to feel homesick or doubt their decision to stay overnight. If your child is attending the Sleepout, please rest assured that we will provide comfort and care to any camper who may be having second thoughts and, if necessary, we will call you (regardless of the hour) to let you know. If you have concerns about separation anxiety (whether yours or your child’s) please call us so that we can discuss them.

Is my child ready for this?
Only you and your child can really determine if they are ready for the Sleepout. We make every effort to create a warm family feeling at camp, and this is especially true on the night of the Sleepout. Your child knows the other campers in their group and knows their counselor like a big brother or sister. If you have questions about whether or not your child is ready, please feel free to call us for feedback on how your child is doing in the group. Every child is different, and while we are happy to share our observations with you, you know your child (and yourself) best.

What will my child be like on Saturday morning?
Campers will come home excited to tell you about their big night away from home! Campers may also be tired out from their adventure. A good strategy (depending on your family’s weekend schedule) is to leave Saturday unscheduled. Plan on a shower or bath when they arrive home, and maybe an afternoon nap!

Why did my child say that she/he woke up all wet on Saturday morning?
One of the tricks of nature is condensation! When we wake up on Saturday morning there is some dampness that has settled upon us during the night. Some nights are damper than others but even the clearest and warmest nights bring fresh morning dew.

If your camper ends up not attending the Sleepout,
your payment will be refunded in full.

How do we register for the
Great Kinneret Sleepout?

Sleepout sign ups are not yet available. Check back here after the start of the session for more information!