Creative Play

Campers Playing
Building an outdoor fort
Wooden Blocks

Sparrows Nest*

An indoor playspace for our PK and kindergarten aged campers where they can use their imaginations and cool down at the same time.

Sandbox and Sidewalk Chalk*

Outlets for camper creativity with plenty of shade and lots of opportunity for social interaction.

Building Blocks and Cupstacking*

Collaboration and critical-thinking through play, whether the group decides to make a ping-pong ball racing track or build a cup tower taller than their counselor!


Unstructured, imaginative outdoor play area where each group explores nature, claims a “fort,” and uses natural elements such as rocks and sticks to build a world for themselves.


Weekly wonky engineering challenges for older campers to create or solve together.

* Only certain age groups participate in this activity. Please call for the exact activities your child would participate in.