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During Camp

Frequently Asked Questions While Camp is in Session!

My child wants to attend the Sleepout! Where do I get the information?

To learn more about the sleepout click here!

Download a copy of the Highlights with Sleepout Signup Form right here!

I lost my Pre-Camp Information Packet. Where can I get a copy?

Download a copy right here!

Just looking for the Emergency Quick Reference pages? Click here.

How will I know about special events, deadlines, and reminders during camp?

Each week you will receive our newsletter, The Kinneret Highlights. Copies will also be available online each week. You can find them here. We’ll also send reminder emails when important things are coming up.

What if my camper needs to be absent from camp?

Please let us know if your camper will be absent from camp. You can call the office or email us here. Campers enrolled in 2-4 days per week are entitled to a makeup day for any day missed. In order to keep camp groups balanced, there are a few restrictions. You can read all about them in the pre-camp information packet. For a digital copy of that packet, click here!

What if I need to bring my camper in late or pick them up early?

Please let us know ahead of time by giving our office a call so that we can update our daily transportation records. If you (or someone you have authorized) is picking up your camper, remember that we require a photo ID when signing campers out.

When and how do I sign my camper up for the Great Camp Kinneret Sleepout?

Your Kinneret Highlights will contain sign up information and forms in Week 2 for Session One and Week 6 for Session Two (in a special edition). If you lost yours, you can find it here! To find the dates of the Sleepouts, click here.

When can I visit my campers at camp?

Every day is visiting day – just put on your sneakers and come on by! There is no need to call ahead but some parents find it helpful to know their camper’s schedule in order to make the most of their visit. Group schedules are finalized on the Friday prior to each week.

PLEASE NOTE: there are a couple of days we ask parents NOT to visit. Please do not come on Sleepout Fridays. These days have unusual schedules that make it more challenging for parents to enjoy a regular camp day visit. Also, many campers have successfully separated from their parents in preparation for staying at camp all night. Seeing their parents (or their friends’ parents!) may re-trigger separation anxieties. Additionally, we think it’s best for parents not to visit during their camper’s first day(s) at camp. Those days are beneficial for campers to settle in, get used to the routine, and get to know their group and counselor!

Tell me about tie dye at camp.

Campers will have a chance to tie dye at Arts & Crafts once per session. They should being their own (labeled!) white T-shirt from home. Many campers like to dye their Camp Kinneret shirts! The Camp Kinneret Highlights will let you know when to send your T-shirt. For information about how to care for your camper’s tie dye project, click here.

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