Condor Program (Grades 5-7)

The Condor program is designed to build self-reliance and responsibility. Condor program campers learn to navigate social dynamics and have increased decision-making and creative opportunities. At each grade level campers encounter new activities designed to help them challenge themselves and work as a team.

Like all age groups, Condor program campers will enjoy
  • Six rotating activity periods each day, plus lunch, swim, and juice bars!
  • A unique group theme created by their group, leading to special adventures.
  • Activities like archery, arts & crafts, field sports and games, gaga, hiking, initiatives (team building activities), nature & ecology, playground sports & games (basketball, handball, tetherball, volleyball, etc.), performing arts, and swim!
    • Plus the age-specific activities listed below.
  • Practicing the Kinneret Roots: Independence, Teamwork, Creativity, Friendship, and Community.

Important things to know about the Condor program
  • Condor program campers are grouped by grade-level (entering 5th – 7th grades in the fall).
  • Condor program groups are gender-inclusive. However, if there is an imbalance of genders in a certain age, we may create single-gender groups, as needed.
  • Condor program groups have 12 – 15 campers attending each day.
  • Additional age-appropriate activities include large scale inter-group games (capture the flag, etc.), rock climbing, high ropes course, wilderness play, and group choice periods.
    • 5th graders also participate in Kinnereteering (creative engineering projects).
    • 6th & 7th graders also participate in woodworking.
  • Condor program counselors are empathetic, trustworthy, and caring role models. They are adept at managing interpersonal dynamics and coaching social skills. They have mastered the elusive art of making positivity and participation cool to older campers.


Sample Daily Schedule for a Condor program Group

9:20amBus Arrival
9:35amGood Morning Mountain (morning assembly)
9:50amHigh Ropes
10:30amHigh Ropes
1:30pmInitiatives (team-building)
2:05pmPerforming Arts
2:40pmJuice Bars
2:55pmFriendship Hill (end of day assembly)
3:20pmDismissal to Buses

Remember, all activities other than lunch, swim, juice bars, and assemblies will be different each day.