CIT Program (Grades 8 & 9)

Camp Kinneret’s Camper in Training (CIT) program is available for campers entering 8th and 9th grades in the fall. This program allows older campers to experience increased responsibility and independence at camp while still enjoying a peer group of their own under the guidance of a veteran counselor.

Some important things to know about the CIT program
  • CITs enroll as regular campers – simply submit your camp application online with your preferred session(s) and day combination.
  • The CIT group is co-ed and may be slightly larger than the younger camp groups.
  • The program is designed to mix social fun with skill-building and personal growth.
  • CITs have their own counselor and the session is split into two parts:
    • For the first two weeks of the session, CITs spend time together as a group participating in our classic camp activities, but with a twist. Each activity period will include exercises in decision-making, communication, and problem-solving as CITs learn the basics of leadership. CITs learn how to teach and support younger campers and develop an appreciation for the importance of being a role model.
    • For the remainder of the session, CITs spend the first half of each day assisting a younger camp group. They rejoin their CIT counselor after lunch, when they discuss the challenges and successes of the day with their peers. They also receive one-on-one coaching each day from their CIT counselor as they learn new skills and set personal goals.

Our top 10 reasons to be a CIT
  1. Make lifelong friends & summer memories to cherish
  2. Enjoy a wide range of camp activities, including beach trips & sleepouts
  3. Discover new strengths & skills
  4. Be a guide & mentor to younger campers
  5. Become a better leader, friend, & citizen
  6. Embrace being the oldest campers in camp
  7. Accomplish personal goals
  8. Take a break from classrooms & learn outdoors
  9. Put yourself out there as a role model
  10. Start on the path toward becoming a high school intern and senior staff member

As a first-year CIT last summer, our daughter has started to see the value in looking for and being a role model to others. She adores her counselor, who, we are told, greets campers with a sweet and caring “Hi, my friend!” Only an 8th grader, our daughter has already begun to consider her own catch phrase so that she, too, can inspire campers.

– Naomi A., Camp Kinneret Parent
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