Thanks so much! I must tell you, I am so thrilled with the camp experience my kids are getting. Our house and car are now filled with camp songs, and when they came home with their “Olympic Medals” yesterday, it was as if they had medaled in the more widely known Olympics!! Such a difference from previous camps with lots of new-fangled bells and whistles [where] it was a chore to get them up to go; that’s not what was important to them. They love going to camp now and are so excited to go back the next day! Your team is beyond compare – they are delivering exactly what I hoped camp would be for my children, and it shows.

Nancy A. Camp Kinneret Parent

Camp Kinneret is a safe and warm environment for a child to explore new activities and friendships. The administration has a very high standard for safety and their staffing and the kids have a blast and learn how to be a more spirited version of themselves. It’s a joy to watch them light up inside — and they don’t even notice how filthy they are at the end of a good, hard day at camp!

Melissa M., Camp Kinneret Parent

Camp Kinneret is 1st class all the way! Top notch counselors and staff. Every detail is well planned and thought out with kids (and parents) in mind. The Sleepout is an incredible experience of growth and independence, even at 5 and 6 years old. Camp Kinneret philosophy and warmth is what keeps us coming back year after year.

Sharon B., Camp Kinneret Parent

The buses are wonderful and getting to interact with some of the counselors every morning was great. Hearing all his stories and listening to all his crazy songs made me feel like a kid again…

Camp Kinneret Parent

As a first-year CIT last summer, our daughter has started to see the value in looking for and being a role model to others. She adores her counselor, who, we are told, greets campers with a sweet and caring “Hi, my friend!” Only an 8th grader, our daughter has already begun to consider her own catch phrase so that she, too, can inspire campers.

Naomi A., Camp Kinneret Parent

I was hesitant about sending my second grader to Camp Kinneret after a less than wonderful experience at a different camp the previous summer. But Kinneret was a big hit from day one. All I heard about were bull’s eyes and how fast he could swim and the buddies he had made. It was a joy to put him on the bus each morning, knowing that he would have such a great day ahead of him.

Kim N., Camp Kinneret Parent

Camp Kinneret offers the kind of fun summer experience every kid should have, with counselors who make it truly memorable. Our kids love the activities, but it’s really the energy and personality of the counselors that make the experience special. That and the bus!

David R., Camp Kinneret Parent

This was my daughter’s first time at camp. At 6-years old, I was nervous about sending her on a bus to camp all day – but the staff and counselors at Camp Kinneret were so organized, attentive, caring, loving and engaged with the kids – my daughter could not wait to go to camp every day. I really could not have been happier with our experience.

Season S., Camp Kinneret Parent

Heading into our third summer, we continue to be amazed at the care, attention, role-modeling, and edu-taining experiences our daughter comes home talking about daily. To know that our child will have a summer experience like this one is to know that she will understand the value of community, leadership, and tradition.

Naomi A., Camp Kinneret Parent

After trying several other local camps over the last few summers and having mediocre experiences at best, my 7 year old son was hesitant to try Camp Kinneret. But from the very first day, he loved it and could not wait to go back that week. The counselors made him feel so comfortable from the very first moment he arrived at the camp. He made great friends, and had the most amazing summer, filled with activities that he loved and memories that will last a lifetime. He literally begged me to let him go back to Kinneret again next year!

Renee N., Camp Kinneret Parent

Camp Kinneret has provided wonderful experiences for my children for many, many years. The site and activities are fun, but it’s the quality of the counselors that make the experience what it is each summer. The traditional “feel” and camp songs are wholesome, just like when us parents were kids. I can’t recommend highly enough.

Jeff S., Camp Kinneret Parent (via yelp!)

Look no further for an amazing summer camp for your kids! Camp Kinneret is the best! Both of my kids absolutely love it. The staff is amazing…everyone from Ryan the director to the counselors and bus drivers. They are fun, energetic, attentive, honest and great role models. My kids sing all summer long! Everything at camp is a song and they LOVE the bus ride! Only bummer…your kids will cry on the last day of camp knowing that they have to wait an entire school year before they can go back.

Karen S., Camp Kinneret Parent (via yelp!)

Our family cannot say enough good things about Camp Kinneret! Both of my boys go there and have been since they were 5 (they are now 9 and 7) and count down the minutes until summer is here and they can board their favorite yellow buses! The staff is absolutely amazing … everyone from the counselors to the pool and specialist staffs and the bus drivers are fantastic and make the camp experience the best that it can be for all campers. My boys are still singing all of the songs from their bus rides – one of their favorite parts of the day! I’ve had friends who have tried other camps and have never been as happy as we have been with Kinneret. It continues to be the best part of the summer for our kids!

Felicia G., Camp Kinneret Parent (via yelp!)

Camp Kinneret was such a wonderful experience for our Son. We actually decided to send him to a different camp initially. While we waited at the bus stop the Camp Kinneret bus came around the corner vibrating with cheer/songs from the kids and counselors. We sent our son on a different bus that didn’t have the same vibe. After 3 days my son came home with little excitement so I emailed Ryan at Camp Kinneret at 9pm and begged him to let our son join his camp. He got back to me within 1 hour and our son was on the ” fun” bus the very next day. From that moment on, our son came home with so many stories about activities, swimming and new friends that he had met. I would highly recommend this camp to anyone. Your child will have memories for life. My Daughter will be on the bus with her Brother next year and they can’t wait!

Sharon F., Camp Kinneret Parent (via yelp!)

Our sons have been at Camp Kinneret since they were 8 and 6. We tried to save a little money and sent them to the local camp. The complaining was endless so we decided last summer to send them back to Kinneret. The counselors are outstanding and the camp is safe, organized and fun, fun, fun. Our older boy was a CIT and really enjoyed working with the younger children. Both boys want to be counselors at camp Kinneret, of course.

Karen K., Camp Kinneret Parent (via yelp!)

I got to come to camp each and every day, knowing that I would try something new and make a new friend or two. Camp is the highlight of my summer and it is the only time when I get to see my camp friends, past and present.

Camp Kinneret Camper, Age 11

It makes you feel good being there.

Noah, Camp Kinneret Camper, Age 7

My children have spent their summers at Camp Kinneret since they were going into kindergarten. They have made friends, and built relationships with the counselors that are still close to our hearts. Going to camp feels like being at home for them. They absolutely love it.

Camp Kinneret Parent

Due to scheduling conflicts with enrollment policies, we started the summer at sports day camps this past summer. The kids were rougher and the supervision was minimal. My son kept up with them, but seemed stressed. Moving to Camp Kinneret for second session was an enormous relief for him. I noticed it immediately upon meeting counselors at the bus stop the weekend before. It was specifically the way his prospective new counselor got down and chatted with him for a few minutes that made him smile and look forward to returning to camp.

Camp Kinneret Parent

The exceptional way that counselors and staff treat all children with respect and understanding. Also, the engaged involvement of group counselors and bus counselors helps parents feel safe to have children ride the bus, and especially to feel comfortable having kids at the beach, and other off-site spots. Positive behavior standards and conduct are not just imposed, but modeled by staff in a gentle and supportive way.

Camp Kinneret Parent

Year after year, Camp Kinneret consistently offers a wonderful, safe and fun experience for my children. At the end of each camp day, they enthusiastically share about all of the exciting activities they did, friends they made, songs they sang and juice bars that they ate. At the close of the second session, they walk away having learned new skills,developed trusting relationships with their counselors and created memories of a lifetime!

Camp Kinneret Parent

When your kids come off the bus each day covered in dirt, disheveled and with the biggest smiles on their faces you know that that day was awesome. When they sing the camp songs at dinner and laugh uncontrollably at a memory that took place at Friendship Hill you know that Kinneret is the best camp ever!

Camp Kinneret Parent

My son gained so much from camp, it’s hard to put it into words. Camp increased his confidence, helped him feel competent participating in large and small groups and awakened a love of music and art that we are all still benefitting from. I was really surprised at how excited he got about art projects and group / bus songs. He loved every day of camp and always looked forward to getting on the bus, which made my summer wonderful! The sleep outs were a real highlight for him, they made him feel brave and accomplished, confident that the world is a good, safe place.

Camp Kinneret Parent

As parents, we love Kinneret too! We are always impressed with the quick, professional response any time we call. More importantly, the well-trained and gifted staff are ready for any situation, and you always know your kids are safe, happy, and enriched by a day of summer fun at Kinneret. The boys came off the bus dirty, happy, and a bit more confident every day. In other words, each day provided exactly what we wanted from camp!

Stephanie W., Camp Kinneret Parent

Our kids started with Camp Kinneret because of my fond memories as a camper from when I was a child. They have been going to Camp Kinneret for years now and it’s made their summers so special and memorable. Camp Kinneret’s incredible staff is so attentive and of such high caliber that it truly makes this camp like no other. There are no details that are overlooked – from their safety to making sure that they have fun. Each child feels like a special part of the Camp Kinneret family.

Yael R., Camp Kinneret Parent

We are so delighted to have found Camp Kinneret. With over 50 years of experience they have really figured out how to give children a memorable summer experience. Parents don’t have to worry because they know their children will be safe, have fun, learn a lot, gain muscle, confidence and friends.

Kimberly D., Camp Kinneret Parent

The bus ride was the best part according to my kids!! They LOVED learning and singing the songs (which they still are singing). The counselors were always punctual, as was the bus, and friendly both in the morning and in the afternoon after a long, hot day. The counselors were always very attentive to both campers and parents.

Kelly P., Camp Kinneret Parent

The quality of the program and staff is the main reason [we return]. Counselors are well trained and able to handle any situation. Their attitude is always positive. The activities are very appropriate and traditional. The office staff is always helpful and reassuring. It is a very safe and happy environment.

Julie R., Camp Kinneret Parent

The biggest difference to other camps is the attention the leadership pays to providing real life activities and excellent staff. The counselors are true leaders and examples for the children. The kind of people we want our children to be with.

Camp Kinneret Parent

I feel that Camp Kinneret works very hard finding the best people to work at the camp and then training them very closely so they can handle any situation. They also have always given my kids a counselor that was just right for them at the age they were. The counselors also helped my kids to learn how to deal with other kids in group situations – they’d come home and tell me how they had learned they had to take turns doing things so everyone had a chance and that it was important to be kind and helpful to the other kids.

Camp Kinneret Parent

The counselors are placed very specifically depending on which age group they work best with. They are with the same counselor every day and get to build a relationship with them as well as see their counselors from the past. Having the same people year after year, Camp Kinneret has become like family for them.

Camp Kinneret Parent

What I see now is the cumulative effect of what Camp Kinneret has done for my kids all of these years. We are so grateful they have had this opportunity. Camp Kinneret has given them these experiences that we haven’t been able to as parents. They’ve had what we had as kids, but better, with this group of amazing people.

Camp Kinneret Parent