Quail Program (Grades 1 – 2) Copy

Quail campers are starting to gain a little more independence and learning to make decisions for themselves. They are encouraged to try new things, and new activities are introduced at each grade-level. Campers experience creative play, compromise, friendship, and sharing within a group of their peers.

Like all age groups, Quail campers will enjoy
  • Six rotating activity periods each day, plus lunch, swim, and juice bars!
  • A unique group theme created by their group, leading to special adventures.
  • Activities like archery, arts & crafts, field sports and games, gaga, hiking, initiatives (team building activities), nature & ecology, playground sports & games (basketball, handball, tetherball, volleyball, etc.), performing arts, and swim!
    • Plus the age-specific activities listed below.
  • Practicing the Kinneret Roots: Independence, Teamwork, Creativity, Friendship, and Community.

Important things to know about the Quail program
  • Quail campers are grouped by grade-level (entering 1st or 2nd grade in the fall).
  • Quail groups are gender inclusive.
  • Quail groups have 12 – 14 campers attending each day.
  • Additional age-appropriate activities include building blocks, low ropes course, miniature golf, paddle boats, and sidewalk chalk.
    • 1st graders also participate in the petting farm and ponies programs.
    • 2nd graders continue to participate in petting farm and ponies, and also gardening.
  • Quail counselors are encouraging, silly, patient, and focused on coaching positive social interactions and friendships. They are skilled at making camp both comfortable and exciting.

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  • and begin wilderness play.
  • 3rd graders continue to participate in wilderness play and begin rock climbing and camper choice periods.


Sample Daily Schedule for a Chumash Group

9:20amBus Arrival
9:35amGood Morning Mountain (morning assembly)
9:50amMiniature Golf (and morning snack)
11:05amPerforming Arts
12:15pmNature & Ecology
12:55pmLow Ropes
2:40pmJuice Bars
2:55pmFriendship Hill (end of day assembly)
3:20pmDismissal to Buses

Remember, all activities other than lunch, swim, juice bars, and assemblies will be different each day.