Camper Health Form

The 2024 Camper Health & Information Form 2 will be available in the spring.

Completing your Camper Health Form is easy!


This form does NOT require a visit to your pediatrician.*

*You will need to visit a doctor if your child is not up to date with their vaccinations (see the vaccinations section below for more information).

All campers must have a completed 2024 Camper Health Form
on file in order to attend camp.


Before starting, please ensure that you have the following information available:

  • You will be asked to confirm that your child is up to date with the vaccinations required by the California Department of Education Click here to learn more. (Simply choose Yes or No)
  • Note: You will be asked to provide the actual month and year of the last tetanus or DPT dose.
  • If your child is not up to date with one or more of the vaccinations required by the California Department of Education you must:
    1. Submit the vaccination exemption request in the vaccination section of the health form.
    2. Submit copies of medical exemptions (if your camper’s delayed vaccination status is due to documented medical reasons).
    3. Submit a note from your pediatrician meeting specific requirements, also outlined on the vaccination exemption request. The note must be written within 30 days of your child’s first day of camp and must say that, to the best of their knowledge and belief, your child is free from all communicable or contagious diseases. **If your child does not receive vaccinations due to medical reasons, please have your doctor include that information in the note.

Camper Release Authorizations

  • You will need the first and last names of people who may pick up your camper(s) from camp or the bus stop in your absence. These names must match their government-issued ID.We’ve learned from the past that it is best to include both partners when listing coupled family friends, grandparents, etc. just in case a spouse or partner is called upon unexpectedly to pick up your camper.

Insurance Information

  • (Not required if your camper is not insured.)
  • You’ll be asked to provide: Insurance Carrier, Policy number, Group Number, Carrier Phone Number, Name of Insured, Relationship to Camper.
  • If you completed Health Form 1 with your enrollment application, you already provided this information. If your insurance has changed since then, please contact us to provide updated information.

Please do not make any enrollment related requests on your camper health form (eg. friend requests, changes to your days or weeks, etc.). Please call or email the office directly for any enrollment questions or concerns.