What Can We Do?

by Ryan Rosen Post 05.19.20

Many parents have been asking us, “How can we help?” and “What can we do?” This article from Salt Effect lists 5 great ways to help.

While most businesses will be able to be up and running again in the next few days to months, most camps have to wait until summer 2021! As most camps are run by families and are small businesses, there is no government bailout coming for the camp industry. And while loans are the easy answer, that is not such an easy decision when you consider that most camps operate on thin margins to begin with.

Most camps had started preparing for summer 2020 with hiring, site improvements and repairs, purchasing supplies, etc. when the pandemic started, meaning that camps have already spent a great deal this year, and now are being asked for full refunds (consider that each time you use your credit to make a purchase, that business is charged a fee to give you that option!) Camps will need help from their current families and alumni to help them make it through this pandemic to next year.

Right now, every dollar makes a difference for a camp. If camp made a difference in your life, your child’s, a friend’s, or you simply see the value for children as they navigate this new social emotional landscape, please check out this article from Salt Effect with some ideas and suggestions!

If you’d like to make a donation to Camp Kinneret to assist us through this very challenging time, please contact us!

5 Ways to Support Summer Camps Affected by COVID

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