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Staff Resources

Here, you’ll find a wide variety of articles, resume and career pointers, and summer pictures that you may need as your camp experience progresses along! If you find a resource elsewhere that you think may be helpful here, please email it to us (at and we’ll add it to the collection! 


(Public Resources. No password necessary) 

Camp Experience & Your Career Path (header 2) 

Summer Camp or Internship? (header 4) 

Can I Really Spend Another Summer Working at Camp? (November 2019, Camp Connection) 

  • This article from the ACA discusses the camp vs. internship experience debate for those considering how to spend their summers. Working at camp puts you in an environment where you are encouraged and continue to grow. 

Tackle Your Camp Counselor Job with an Internship Mindset (May 2016, Camping Magazine) 

  • Working at camp does not limit you only to careers that work with children – the skills you learn can be used anywhere! This article gives you ideas about how you can use camp to prepare you for your future career, whether you’re considering business, social work, communications, psychology, or something completely different. 

The Camp Counselor vs. The Intern (May 2012, New York Times) 

  • One parent’s reflection on how his daughter found more value in working at camp than taking an internship, despite his initial attempts to convince her otherwise.  We thought this might sound familiar to at least a few of you! 

Living the Dream (September 2013, Challenge Success) 

  • A Stanford student’s blog entry on her experience as a camp counselor and the practical and personal skills that she gained during her years at camp. 


How to Talk About Camp on Your Resumes (header 4) 

Camp Belongs on Your Resume: Highlighting the Professional Development Value of Working at Camp (May 2014, Camping Magazine) 

  • This article from the ACA has some great advice on how to write about camp on your resume, speak about your camp experiences in job interviews, and convey to “non-camp” people just how valuable and challenging your time at camp has been. 

Make Copies or Make a Difference? Camp is a Real Job (May 2019, Camping Magazine) 

  • How to frame your resume to highlight the skills you learn in camp in terms of scope, schedule, resources, and risk-assessment.