2023 Program & Enrollment Information


We are so excited to welcome our campers back to camp this summer! While the Camp Kinneret spirit will be in full swing, we know 2023 will need to look different than summers past. In an effort to best prepare our camp families, we created this page to explain our 2023 plans and preparations. If you have any questions about summer 2023 in particular, or Camp Kinneret in general, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our directors are here year-round and excited to speak with you about our program. We are looking forward to being back with our beloved camp family on our beautiful site this summer!

What We Do At Camp Kinneret

Camp Kinneret is a child-centered environment where we prioritize independence, teamwork, creativity, friendship, and community. We are:

  • A place where creativity and expression are encouraged.
  • A program in which teamwork and social interaction are the basics.
  • A community where the courage to try is celebrated and the desire to succeed is supported.
  • An opportunity for children to grow through accomplishment and respect.

Camp is about being supported and encouraged to try new things, and about being part of a group, developing a team spirit, and having the chance to lead.

While the pandemic may continue to force us to alter what activities our campers experience this upcoming summer, through fun and engaging play led by our dynamic staff we will continue to build confidence, empower independence, facilitate friendship building, and provide attentive care and encouragement to each of our campers throughout every camp day. Our campers will be running around with their friends outside, swimming, doing crafts, playing games, sharing silly stories, and having fun!

Dates & Rates

Summer 2023 will consist of two sessions. The first session spans five weeks, and the second session is four weeks. Families choose a session (Session 1, Session 2, or both) and then choose a set day combination within that session. We offer 2, 3, and 5 day a week options.

Summer 2023 is designed to provide a consistent environment with current COVID-19 safety protocols in mind, and camp will be following best practices outlined in the EH&E Field Guide developed by the American Camp Association.

Session: Days/Week Weeks Dates Early Bird Rate (Before April 1) Regular Rate (Starting After April 1)
One: 2 (T & Th) 5 of 5 June 13 - July 15 $1680 $1760
One: 3 (M, W, F) 5 of 5 June 13 - July 15 $2520 $2640
One: 5 (M – F) 5 of 5 June 13 - July 15 $3792 $3984
One: 2 (T & Th) 4 of 5 June 13 - July 15 $1384 $1450
One: 3 (M, W, F) 4 of 5 June 13 - July 15 $2076 $2175
One: 5 (M – F) 4 of 5 June 13 - July 15 $3255 $3420
Two: 2 (T & Th) 4 of 4 July 18 - August 12 $1344 $1408
Two: 3 (M, W, F) 4 of 4 July 18 - August 12 $2016 $2112
Two: 5 (M – F) 4 of 4 July 18 - August 12 $3002 $3154
Two: 2 (T & Th) 3 of 4 July 18 - August 12 $1038 $1088
Two: 3 (M, W, F) 3 of 4 July 18 - August 12 $1557 $1632
Two: 5 (M – F) 3 of 4 July 18 - August 12 $2156 $2264


We will have five different age-specific programs at camp this summer so that campers are being appropriately challenged as they grow and mature! Each program will likely have multiple groups based on the grades campers will be entering in the fall (as we’ve done in past summers). All campers will be in gender-inclusive groups. While we used to refer to these programs as “tribes” in years past, we are now calling them “flocks”, and have broken them down as follows:

  • Sparrows: entering PK/TK and Kindergarten
  • Quails: entering 1st and 2nd grades
  • Owls: entering 3rd and 4th grades
  • Condors: entering 5th, 6th, and 7th grades
  • Campers in Training (CITs): entering 8th and 9th grades

Our small group sizes (averaging 10-12 campers per group per day) and low camper-to-staff ratios (an average of two college-aged staff members as well as a high school-aged junior counselor per group) enable us to foster positive growth in unique ways for each camper, to encourage social interaction, and provide safe and age-appropriate challenges. This structure will be the same as past summers, only changing the names by which we refer to these groups!

Tours and Visits

We will be offering in-person tours of camp this year. We also offer a pre-recorded tour for families that are not able to join us for an in-person tour. During the tours, our director Ryan will be walking around camp discussing our philosophy, facilities, and answering any questions you may have. Each tour will include a limited number of participants, so please register early!

To see the tour dates and times, please visit the Tours & Visits page.

We hope to welcome visitors back for summer 2023. At this point, we are unsure if that will be possible due to the ongoing pandemic. As we get closer to the summer, we will have a better idea! 

Choosing the right camp
No two camps are the same. They may sound similar, but no two programs are exactly alike. It is very important to find the right camp for you and your family. Towards that end, please take the time read through the FAQs below. If you have additional questions, complete the form at the bottom of this page.

We look forward to speaking with you to help you understand our program and see if it is the right fit for you and your family.

Transportation and Drop-Off/Pick-Up

Repeatedly we heard from families how much their campers missed riding the bus to camp and we are thrilled that once again, we will be offering bus transportation from various stops throughout the San Fernando and Conejo Valley this summer. Space on the bus will be available according to COVID-19 safety protocols (as of the start of enrollment, this will be limited to two people per seat). In addition to the driver, every bus will have a captain and additional staff members to keep the campers safe and having fun. All riders will wear masks and all windows will be open for the duration of the routes to and from camp.

Route A: Studio City / Sherman Oaks

Stop Location AM Bus Departs PM Bus Arrives
Stop 1 Beeman Park (Milbank St. & Beeman Ave.) 8:15 4:57
Stop 2 Van Nuys Blvd. Gelsons (On Millbank St. just past the bank parking lot before the theatre, beween Van Nuys Blvd & Sylmar Ave.) 8:28 4:42
Stop 3* Libbit Park (Libbit Ave between Ventura Blvd. & 101 fwy.) 8:47 4:21

Route B: Encino / Tarzana

Stop Location AM Bus Departs PM Bus Arrives
Stop 1 Encino Elementary (Addison St. 1 block west of Balboa Blvd.) 8:30 4:35
Stop 2 Nestle Ave. Elem. (Rear of school near El Cab Country Club - Doman Ave. & Tarzana St.) 8:40 4:20
See D2 Serrania Park (Wells Dr. east of Serrania Ave.)

Route D: Calabasas / Woodland Hills

Stop Location AM Bus Departs PM Bus Arrives
Stop 1 Chaparral Elementary (Liberty Bell Rd.) 8:38 4:24
Stop 2 Serrania Park (Wells Dr. east of Serrania Ave.) 8:50 4:10
See E1 Mulholland Dr. & Valmar Rd. (On Mulholland Dr. next to the church)
See E2 The Commons in Calabasas (AM - Trader Joe's / PM - The Commons directly across from Trader Joe's)
See E4 Round Meadow Elementary (Hidden Hills - front of the school)

Route E: Calabasas (Mulholland to Pkwy Calabasas) / Hidden Hills

Stop Location AM Bus Departs PM Bus Arrives
See Stop E3 Trellis Park - Not Running in 2022
See Stop E3 Paseo Primario at Consuelo - Not Running in 2022
Stop 1 Mulholland Dr. & Valmar Rd. (on Mulholland Dr. next to the church) 8:36 4:23
Stop 2 The Commons in Calabasas (AM - Trader Joe’s / PM - The Commons directly across from Trader Joe’s) 8:42 4:17
Stop 3 Bay Laurel Elementary (Paseo Primario off of Pkwy. Calabasas) 8:50 4:09
Stop 4 Round Meadow Elementary (Hidden Hills - front of the school) 8:59 3:59

Route F: West Hills / Woodland Hills (North) / Calabasas

Stop Location AM Bus Departs PM Bus Arrives
Stop 1 Pomelo Drive Elementary (March Ave. at Pomelo Dr. - south of Ingomar St.) 8:28 4:29
Stop 2 Temple Aliyah (6025 Valley Circle Blvd. - parking lot) 8:39 4:15
Stop 3* Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center (Just past Shadow Hills Road on Malibu Hills Road) 9:02 3:55

Route G: Lang Ranch (Thousand Oaks) / North Ranch / Oak Park / Agoura

Stop Location AM Bus Departs PM Bus Arrives
Stop 1 Lang Ranch Elementary (Sandhurst Ave. side adjacent to the parking lot) 8:28 4:28
Stop 2 Red Oak Elementary (Off Kanan Rd. on Rockfield St. between Lindero Cyn. Rd. & Hawthorne Dr.) 8:48 4:12
Stop 3 Sumac Elementary (Off Kanan Rd. on Calmfield Ave. between Laro Dr. & Eagleton St.) 9:00 4:00

Route C: Simi Valley / Moorpark / Thousand Oaks

Stop Location AM Bus Departs PM Bus Arrives
Stop 1 Miller Park (Off Miller Pkwy. between New Los Angeles Ave. & Tierra Rejada Rd.) 8:25 4:35
Stop 2** Rancho Madera Community Park (Off Lake Park Dr. by the tennis courts) 8:42 4:25
Stop 3 Temple Adat Elohim (On E. Hillcrest Dr. - east side of temple parking lot next to the sanctuary) 9:00 4:07
Stop 4 Forest Cove Park (Forest Cove Ln side - 2 blocks south of Thousand Oaks Blvd) 9:12 3:52

Route H: Newbury Park / Thousand Oaks / Westlake Village

Stop Location AM Bus Departs PM Bus Arrives
Stop 0 Amgen Parking Lot (Grass area inside parking lot at Rancho Conejo and N. Ventu Park Rd.) 8:17 4:47
Stop 1 Dos Vientos Community Park (Bus meets on Via Ricardo Side) 8:32 4:35
Stop 2 Oaks Mall Parking Lot (Lynn Rd. Entrance - Parking lot closest to Lynn Rd. & Hillcrest Dr.) 8:47 4:19
Stop 3 Evenstar Park / Village Home HOA (1040 Evenstar Ave. south of Carden Conejo) 9:05 3:57

For more details about transportation for summer 2022, click here.

If you are planning on driving your camper to camp this summer:
  • AM: 8:30 – 9:00
  • PM: 3:30 – 4:30

Frequently Asked Questions

We know there are lots of questions about what camp will look like, what adjustments will need to be made this summer, etc. We will be updating this page periodically, but if you have a specific question we haven’t answered, please complete the form at the bottom of the page, and we will get back to you!

Where is camp getting its guidance and information from?

We have been working with state and federal authorities along with the LA County Department of Health since April 2020 to determine the best practices to put in place. Additionally, the American Camp Association worked with a panel of experts at Environmental Health & Engineering (EH&E) to develop a field guide for camps. This expert panel has convened specialists in pediatric medicine, camp medicine and nursing, epidemiology, infectious disease management, biological safety, industrial hygiene, organizational design, and other technical specialties. As the summer of 2020 came to a close, EH&E reconvened their experts to review the initial guide and updated it based on the vast amount of information that has been learned as time passes. We want to be sure that we are doing everything we can to create a safe environment for our campers and staff by following all protocols determined by the CDC, American Camp Association, and local officials. We will continue to update this FAQ as well as our enrolled families (through email) with what, if any, changes or adjustments are needed to our typical program and procedures.

What Updates Have There Been?
  • Campers who are traveling by commercial flight within 10 days of attending camp must provide a negative PCR test within 48 hours of coming to camp, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Additional travel-related requirements may be added later to align with LA County Department of Public Health’s travel restrictions.

How has camp been preparing and planning for this summer?

Since April 2020, Ryan has been leading a weekly discussion group of 40+ camps that are located around the country, with several who operated in 2020. Through these weekly meetings, this group of camp professionals has been discussing everything from communication challenges, staff needs, sanitization of facilities and equipment, to program modifications and other parental concerns. We’ve been preparing for the coming summer based on the current conditions and guidance from LA County Department of Health, the State of California, and EH&E’s Field guide developed for the American Camp Association. The information contained in this FAQ is based on the most up-to-date guidance that exists. We hope that many of the current restrictions will be rolled back before the start of summer, but we are planning and preparing as though the situation will remain exactly as it is now. We know children need to get back outside and playing- getting to be kids again like they were before COVID-19. We want to make sure we can do that as safely as possible.

What are the enrollment options & rates?

Campers attend our 5- or 4- (or both!) week sessions in 2, 3, or 5 day combinations.

Session: Days/Week Weeks Dates Early Bird Rate (Before April 1) Regular Rate (Starting After April 1)
One: 2 (T & Th) 5 of 5 June 13 - July 15 $1680 $1760
One: 3 (M, W, F) 5 of 5 June 13 - July 15 $2520 $2640
One: 5 (M – F) 5 of 5 June 13 - July 15 $3792 $3984
One: 2 (T & Th) 4 of 5 June 13 - July 15 $1384 $1450
One: 3 (M, W, F) 4 of 5 June 13 - July 15 $2076 $2175
One: 5 (M – F) 4 of 5 June 13 - July 15 $3255 $3420
Two: 2 (T & Th) 4 of 4 July 18 - August 12 $1344 $1408
Two: 3 (M, W, F) 4 of 4 July 18 - August 12 $2016 $2112
Two: 5 (M – F) 4 of 4 July 18 - August 12 $3002 $3154
Two: 2 (T & Th) 3 of 4 July 18 - August 12 $1038 $1088
Two: 3 (M, W, F) 3 of 4 July 18 - August 12 $1557 $1632
Two: 5 (M – F) 3 of 4 July 18 - August 12 $2156 $2264

Space is limited and campers will be enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis.

When do I have to enroll by?

Enrollment opens for everyone mid January and we will be enrolling on a first come, first served basis.

Because group sizes are limited to only 12 campers in each session, we expect groups to fill quickly. If you are unsure of your plans, but want to reserve your space, we recommend enrolling as early as possible. Families will have until April 1st to withdraw without losing any of their tuition payment.

That being said, if you are really unsure if you are comfortable sending your child to camp this summer because of the uncertainties due to the pandemic, we recommend speaking with us before you enroll. To schedule a call with one of our year-round Leadership Team members, click here.

Although many groups will fill prior to the start of the summer, you can still enroll in any remaining spot until the Wednesday prior to the start of that session.

Will we be able to miss a week in a session?

If your camper will be missing a full Mon. – Fri. week, you may choose to pay for one fewer week in the applied session. Changes to your missed week can only be guaranteed until April 1st.

What about missed days, will there be makeups?

Yes! Campers may schedule one make-up day for each regularly scheduled camp day that is missed provided that space is available in the camper’s group and on the bus. There is no guarantee that space will be available, and if it is not available, no refunds or credits are provided for missed days.

If your camper needs to miss camp any time for health reasons, please refer to our policies for all of the details.

Will you open if it's not recommended by State and Federal health Officials?

While we have every expectation that we will be able to operate based on the plans we have put in place, we will not operate if the authorities do not authorize us to do so.

What if I need to apply for a Campership?

Unfortunately, with limited spaces in each group and an extremely tight budget, we are not sure how many Campership spots we will have available this summer. If you would like to be considered should we have a space available, please log in, register for the Campership session, and complete the Campership Form. There is a $50
application fee with submission of your application. In the event you do not accept the Campership offered, your application fee will be refunded.

What about Sleepouts?

As of right now, we are unsure whether we can host Sleepouts at camp safely in Summer 2023. Even though we have planned for Sleepout’s tentative dates, we are very uncertain at this time and will communicate to enrolled families with more information as the summer gets closer.

What about the 1st aid office?

Based on what we currently know, and in an effort to limit close interactions, we will be making our first aid office mobile. For minor scrapes, bruises, and splinters, group counselors will provide basic first aid. In the event more advanced medical care is needed, Leadership Team members will assist the camper (or staff person) wherever they are on site.

What if I am comfortable sending my camper, enroll, and then become uncomfortable and want to withdraw? Either before or during a session.

There are so many moving parts here and we strongly encourage you to read our policies thoroughly to understand the various deadlines and their implications. You can find our updated 2022 policies here.

What activity changes are planned?

Almost all of our usual camp activities will still be available in summer 2023!

The only activity that we will not be welcoming back this summer is sandbox, and we look forward to bringing it back again in a future summer.

What about CITs?

The CIT group (8th and 9th graders) will be joining different younger groups each day in summer 2023! The group will be focused on skill development, leadership, and role modeling, while having an opportunity to build relationships within their group as well as other camper groups. We will work with the CIT counselor, as well as the CITs, to help them build a fun program that fits their needs and to be future leaders!

Please note that we expect our CIT campers to be fully vaccinated by their first day of camp in 2023. If you have any questions, please call camp!

Will masks be required?

During summer 2023, we will be requiring masks only during bus rides. Campers are expected to wear their masks while they ride the bus to and from camp. As we get closer to camp, with more people having the vaccine, our mask policy may change to loosen the mask requirements.

Can I contribute to help other families attend camp this summer?

Absolutely! We will be using funds from our existing Campership donation program as well as accepting additional funds. We would love to be able to continue to serve our current Campership families and also to aid campers whose families have experienced financial loss over the past few months. To learn about donating, click here!

What about drinking fountains and water at camp?

We’ll require campers to bring their own refillable labeled water bottles this summer. The drinking fountains we have around camp will only be used to fill bottles. We will have some bottles on site for purchase if campers forget theirs and we will charge your credit card/eCheck on file.

What if I want to visit this summer?

Typically we love to have campers welcome visitors and show off everything they’re doing at camp! However, we are not sure if visitors will be allowed for summer 2023. We hope to get more information from LA County Public Health prior to the summer.

How will camper drop off and pick up work?

If you will be dropping off or picking up your camper from camp, then you may do so anytime during the extended care hours. In the mornings, you may drop off your camper anytime between 8:00 and 9:00 AM. In the afternoons, you may pick up your camper anytime between 3:50 and 5:00 PM.

How will bus service work this summer?

Our usual camp bus service is back this summer! Our bus routes operate throughout Conejo and San Fernando Valleys as well as the greater Los Angeles region, and bus service is provided at no additional cost to families.

To make our bus rides safe for campers and staff, we will require everyone to wear a mask while they ride the bus. We will seat up to two people per seat, and windows to be down to increase airflow throughout the ride.

My family had planned to come to the area from out of town/state/country for camp this summer. Is that okay?

Campers who are traveling by commercial flight within 10 days of attending camp must provide a negative PCR test within 48 hours of coming to camp, regardless of vaccination status. Additional travel-related requirements may be added later to align with LA County Department of Public Health’s travel restrictions.

Please call or email us to discuss what might be the best option for your family, as every situation is different. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

What if my child needs a shadow/1-on-1 this summer?

In order to reduce the risk in our camp community as much as possible, we have some additional requirements in 2022. We encourage you to connect with your child’s agency asap to get a shadow lined up quickly, so that all requirements can be met. Here are the current requirements based on the current guidance, however these requirements may change at any time:

  • Shadows must be fully vaccinated and up to date before they start their time at camp.
  • It is preferred that Shadows work only with your child each day, rather than jumping between children, programs and facilities, increasing their exposure.
  • Agencies will need to provide a document confirming that the shadow has been been cleared through LiveScan and is clear to work with a youth serving organization.
  • Supervisors may come onsite for a visit only if they are fully vaccinated. Teleconferencing may be an alternative.

Additional paperwork, specific to shadows will be required, like in a typical summer. Please contact camp if your child will need to have a shadow this summer.

Where can I find the updated policies?


Have A Question We Haven’t Answered?

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