2017 Lost and Found

Thank you for visiting the 2017 Lost and Found page! Please take some time to browse through our gallery of Lost and Found items from the summer. Each item has an alpha-numeric code. If you find something that belongs to your camper(s), please submit the form below and be sure to include the alpha-numeric code. If you have questions about any of the items, just use the link below the form to send us an email.


Please note that this gallery only includes items that were not labeled with a camper name. Labeled items, along with any unlabeled items claimed by October 1, will be delivered to families in early October. If you would like your belonging(s) back sooner, you can arrange a time to stop by our office for a pick-up. Any items that are unlabeled and unclaimed by October 1 will be donated to MEND later in the fall.


If you have any questions about Lost & Found, please send us anĀ email.


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