Activity Box Details

We hope you enjoy the activity box! Below are all of the instructions and details for each of the projects included. Keep in mind that we provided a different selection of projects for each age group so you won’t have every project that is listed!

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Activity Details & Instructions

There are so many fun things you can do with a lanyard! We got the lanyard started, but you’ll have to use your creativity to finish it!

You can find directions and photos here or you can watch the YouTube video below:

Tie Dye
We’ve given you three tubes, each with a different color tie dye powder in them. We’ve already measured the powder, so you just need to add the hot water and a little salt. But before you go too far, we recommend checking out the RIT website for specific instructions on how to make different patterns as well as the best methods for getting the most vibrant of colors! If you have a pair gloves, that will help to keep your hands clean as well. Visit for the full detailed instructions!

Feeling brave? Wanna try something new?

Check out these other techniques to dye your favorite items!

Reed Basket Weaving
Follow along as Ryan and Dylan do the project, provide instruction, and tips!


Downloadable Activity Details & Instructions