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Enrollment FAQs

The answers to most enrollment questions can be found in our enrollment policies, available here.

For your convenience, we have also answered some of the most commonly asked questions below.

When should I apply?

New family enrollment begins online at 9 AM on January 16. Our small group sizes mean that space is limited. We encourage families to make their summer plans early. We are in the office year-round- please contact us at any time for more information regarding enrollment.

Which of the three listed rates will I receive?

Families who pay in full with their application by February 28th will receive our full pay Jan/Feb rate.
Families who apply with a deposit before May 1st and pay the remainder of their balance before the payment deadline will receive our early bird rate.
Families who apply after May 1st, or who do not submit payment before the payment deadline, will receive our regular rate.

Is there an application deposit, and is it refundable?

For families who choose not to pay in full with their application, there is a $300 deposit for each camper and for each session applied for. This deposit is not an additional fee and will be applied toward your final balance. Please note that we will not process your credit card for any amount until your camper(s) have confirmed space in camp.

All families can receive a full refund for any reason should they withdraw before the deadlines. This refund will include any deposits and fees already paid. The deadline for new families to withdraw is May 1st. We have intentionally selected this date to provide you with the assurance that you can visit us at Open House before making a final decision.

What if I need to miss a week of camp?

Family vacations or school conflicts of one calendar week can be accommodated. You can choose to miss one week in each session by simply marking it on your application or notifying us before May 1st. We can pro-rate your fees accordingly. If you choose not to pro-rate, you will receive our 3% discount for full session enrollments.

Can I spread my payments out?

A payment plan option is available to all of our camp families- click here to learn more.

Can I request a friend for my child to be grouped with?

There is space on the application to request one friend to be placed with your camper. Prior to May 1st, requests will be honored when placing campers in their groups. Campers entering the 1st – 7th grades should request a friend of the same gender.

We’re here to help- feel free to call or email us at with any other questions you may have!

Countdown to Camp!

Session I : June 19 - July 21, 2017

Session II: July 24 - August 18, 2017

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Our sons have been at Camp Kinneret since they were 8 and 6. We tried to save a little money and sent them to the local camp. The complaining was endless so we decided last summer to send them back to Kinneret. The counselors are outstanding and the camp is safe, organized and fun, fun, fun. Our older boy was a CIT and really enjoyed working with the younger children. Both boys want to be counselors at camp Kinneret, of course.

Karen K., Camp Kinneret Parent (via yelp!)

This is the most amazing, loving, nurturing camp out there!

Rachel G., Camp Kinneret Parent

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What Parents & Campers Are Saying

What I see now is the cumulative effect of what Camp Kinneret has done for my kids all of these years. We are so grateful they have had this opportunity. Camp Kinneret has given them these experiences that we haven’t been able to as parents. They’ve had what we had as kids, but better, with this group of amazing people.

Camp Kinneret Parent

The counselors are placed very specifically depending on which age group they work best with. They are with the same counselor every day and get to build a relationship with them as well as see their counselors from the past. Having the same people year after year, Camp Kinneret has become like family for them.

Camp Kinneret Parent

I feel that Camp Kinneret works very hard finding the best people to work at the camp and then training them very closely so they can handle any situation. They also have always given my kids a counselor that was just right for them at the age they were. The counselors also helped my kids to learn how to deal with other kids in group situations – they’d come home and tell me how they had learned they had to take turns doing things so everyone had a chance and that it was important to be kind and helpful to the other kids.

Camp Kinneret Parent