Miwok Program (PK-K)

Preschoolers and Kindergarteners: Miwok program

The structure of these groups is intended to give young children an introduction to camp. They will gain experience in being away from home, making friends, and working and playing in a group. They will also practice following basic camp rules, introduction to new activities, and most importantly, building self confidence.

Miwok counselors are people who are skilled at finding a balance between the active camp day and the needs of younger children. They are good at tying shoes, opening juice boxes, and recognizing their camper’s mood just by glancing at their faces.

Important things to know about the Miwok program:
  • They are at least 4 years old and entering preschool or kindergarten.
  • Most groups are co-ed. Some are single gender (depending upon enrollment).
  • Groups are smaller than other groups in camp with 11-13 campers each day.
  • Campers participate in most of the basic camp activities just like the older kids do!
  • Miwok activity schedules typically alternate between “faster” and “slower” paced activities
Some special activities just for them include:
  • Cooking
  • Miwok Village (an indoor play space)
  • Sandbox

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A letter to parents when deciding if their child is ready for the Miwok Program

Sample daily schedule:

9:30                 Bus Arrival
9:50                 Good Morning Mountain (Morning assembly)
10:30               Archery (& Morning Snack)
11:05               Music & Drama
11:45               Lunch
12:15               Petting Farm
12:55               Swimming
1:30                 Arts & Crafts
2:05                 Handball
2:40                 Juice Bars
2:55                 Friendship Hill (End of day assembly)
3:20                 Dismissal to Buses

Countdown to Camp!

Session I : June 19 - July 21, 2017

Session II: July 24 - August 18, 2017

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Camp Kinneret is 1st class all the way!  Top notch counselors and staff.  Every detail is well planned and thought out with kids (and parents) in mind. The Sleepout is an incredible experience of growth and independence, even at 5 and 6 years old. Camp Kinneret philosophy and warmth is what keeps us coming back year after year.

Sharon B., Camp Kinneret Parent

This is the most amazing, loving, nurturing camp out there!

Rachel G., Camp Kinneret Parent

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What Parents & Campers Are Saying

What I see now is the cumulative effect of what Camp Kinneret has done for my kids all of these years. We are so grateful they have had this opportunity. Camp Kinneret has given them these experiences that we haven’t been able to as parents. They’ve had what we had as kids, but better, with this group of amazing people.

Camp Kinneret Parent

The counselors are placed very specifically depending on which age group they work best with. They are with the same counselor every day and get to build a relationship with them as well as see their counselors from the past. Having the same people year after year, Camp Kinneret has become like family for them.

Camp Kinneret Parent

I feel that Camp Kinneret works very hard finding the best people to work at the camp and then training them very closely so they can handle any situation. They also have always given my kids a counselor that was just right for them at the age they were. The counselors also helped my kids to learn how to deal with other kids in group situations – they’d come home and tell me how they had learned they had to take turns doing things so everyone had a chance and that it was important to be kind and helpful to the other kids.

Camp Kinneret Parent