Chumash Program (1-3 grades)

1st through 3rd Graders: Chumash Program

Chumash campers are starting to gain a little more independence and learning to make decisions for themselves.  They are encouraged to try new things, and new activities are introduced at each grade-level. They also get opportunities to play creatively and use their imagination as they come up with variations on camp games and songs. Campers experience compromise, problem-solving, and sharing within a group of other campers.

Chumash counselors are people who can be very silly and just a little bit cool. They are good at making camp both comfortable and exciting. These counselors are encouraging and supportive of new challenges. They are focused on positive social interactions and teaching what it means to be a good friend.

Important things to know about the Chumash program:
  • Campers who will be entering 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade in the fall
  • Groups are single gender
  • Groups have between 12 – 14 campers each day
  • Campers participate in most of the basic camp activities
  • Counselors help campers build self confidence and leadership qualities


Some special activities just for them include:
  • Low Ropes Course
  • Mini Golf
  • Science
  • 2nd & 3rd graders participate in choice activities
  • 2nd & 3rd graders participate in imaginative wilderness play
  • 3rd graders participate in climbing wall


Sample daily schedule:

9:30                 Bus Arrival
9:50                 Good Morning Mountain (Morning assembly)
10:30               Volleyball (with Morning Snack for 1st graders only)
11:05               Nature
11:45               Lunch
12:15               Mini Golf
12:55               Gaga
1:30                 Swimming
2:05                 Archery
2:40                 Juice Bars
2:55                 Friendship Hill (End of day assembly)
3:20                 Dismissal to Buses

Countdown to Camp!

Session I : June 19 - July 21, 2017

Session II: July 24 - August 18, 2017

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My son gained so much from camp, it's hard to put it into words. Camp increased his confidence, helped him feel competent participating in large and small groups and awakened a love of music and art that we are all still benefitting from. I was really surprised at how excited he got about art projects and group / bus songs. He loved every day of camp and always looked forward to getting on the bus, which made my summer wonderful! The sleep outs were a real highlight for him, they made him feel brave and accomplished, confident that the world is a good, safe place.

Camp Kinneret Parent

The biggest difference to other camps is the attention the leadership pays to providing real life activities and excellent staff. The counselors are true leaders and examples for the children. The kind of people we want our children to be with.

Camp Kinneret Parent

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What Parents & Campers Are Saying

What I see now is the cumulative effect of what Camp Kinneret has done for my kids all of these years. We are so grateful they have had this opportunity. Camp Kinneret has given them these experiences that we haven’t been able to as parents. They’ve had what we had as kids, but better, with this group of amazing people.

Camp Kinneret Parent

The counselors are placed very specifically depending on which age group they work best with. They are with the same counselor every day and get to build a relationship with them as well as see their counselors from the past. Having the same people year after year, Camp Kinneret has become like family for them.

Camp Kinneret Parent

I feel that Camp Kinneret works very hard finding the best people to work at the camp and then training them very closely so they can handle any situation. They also have always given my kids a counselor that was just right for them at the age they were. The counselors also helped my kids to learn how to deal with other kids in group situations – they’d come home and tell me how they had learned they had to take turns doing things so everyone had a chance and that it was important to be kind and helpful to the other kids.

Camp Kinneret Parent