Kinneret Leadership

Our Leadership Team members are:

  • hand-picked and passionate about Camp Kinneret’s philosophy
  • experienced camp professionals and educators who provide daily support and assistance to counselors, instructors and campers
  • available to speak with parents each day
  • an essential part of the individualized attention and support for our campers
  • out with camper groups throughout the day
  • able to provide first hand insight and discuss situations directly with parents, counselors and other staff members

The Leadership Team’s years of experience are a key to each summer’s success and to the relationships between parents and camp.

Year-round Leadership Team Members

Three of our Leadership Team Members work full time all year to prepare for each Camp Kinneret summer. All three are active in professional camp director circles, attending conferences, seminars, and director discussions throughout the year.

Director Ryan Rosen is a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in graphic design. Ryan has been involved with Camp Kinneret since 1995 when he started as a CILT. After 3 years as the Camp Kinneret Pool Director followed by 3 years as the lead assistant camp director, Ryan spent 2 summers as co-director of Sunny Skies Day Camp. He returned to Camp Kinneret as a director following the 2007 camp season and purchased the camp from long-time owner Harold Gordon in 2011. Ryan and his wife Britt welcomed their daughter, Dylan, in 2015.

Co-Director Jamie Porter attended the University of California, Santa Barbara where she played with and student-coached the softball team and received a Bachelor’s Degree in cultural anthropology and a minor degree in athletic coaching. She subsequently received a Master’s Degree in sports management from the University of San Francisco. Following a few years working at a law firm, Jamie joined the Camp Kinneret family in 2007. In her spare time, Jamie enjoys playing competitive kickball and trying and cooking new and interesting food!

Co-Director Steph Bundy attended Occidental College, graduating with a BA in comparative literature. She joined the Camp Kinneret family in 2006, spending four summers working as a group counselor and cheering on the Elephant Bus. Following her college years she spent four more summers at camp as a leadership team member, spending the rest of the year as a behavioral therapist, graduate student, and home caregiver before joining the year-round camp team in 2013. Steph loves figure skating, her dog, her husband, and board games, although not necessarily in that order.

Chief Security Officer Colbie Rosen, passed her level II obedience training course with flying colors in 2011. She has been involved with Camp Kinneret since 2010. Colbie works hard to protect the office during the year but takes time off from work during the summer, attending “family camp” with her grandparents. She enjoys naps, squirrels,  treats, and visits to the Kinneret Farm to find lizards.

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Countdown to Camp!

Session I : June 19 - July 21, 2017

Session II: July 24 - August 18, 2017

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What Parents & Campers Are Saying

From the second he woke up on camp days to the second he came home, he was singing Camp Kinneret songs. I’ve never seen my son happier. He was terribly sad to say goodbye to his counselors. He still talks about the Lemonade tower!! Most memorable summer ever!

– Stacy F., Camp Kinneret Parent

In just a couple of weeks we already saw a change in our daughter. Her confidence and willingness to try new things improved, and she became more independent as a result. We were very happy with our Camp Kinneret experience!

– Scott S., Camp Kinneret Parent

My children seem to bloom in the summer. The time at Kinneret encourages their growth and development.

– Camp Kinneret Parent

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What Parents & Campers Are Saying

What I see now is the cumulative effect of what Camp Kinneret has done for my kids all of these years. We are so grateful they have had this opportunity. Camp Kinneret has given them these experiences that we haven’t been able to as parents. They’ve had what we had as kids, but better, with this group of amazing people.

Camp Kinneret Parent

The counselors are placed very specifically depending on which age group they work best with. They are with the same counselor every day and get to build a relationship with them as well as see their counselors from the past. Having the same people year after year, Camp Kinneret has become like family for them.

Camp Kinneret Parent

I feel that Camp Kinneret works very hard finding the best people to work at the camp and then training them very closely so they can handle any situation. They also have always given my kids a counselor that was just right for them at the age they were. The counselors also helped my kids to learn how to deal with other kids in group situations – they’d come home and tell me how they had learned they had to take turns doing things so everyone had a chance and that it was important to be kind and helpful to the other kids.

Camp Kinneret Parent